About the comic

Government Town is a hyperlocal, occasionally-magical slice-of-life comic about Ottawa and the people in it. It’s a character-driven, deeply affectionate look at the city, from Parliament Hill and city hall to the mysterious realms of the public service; from the shawarma counters and coffeeshops to the very bowels of Carleton and uOttawa; from people lining up to trash-talk Toronto to people actively trying to move there (and sometimes both at the same time). We’re Canada’s most boring city, we’re bitter about it, and we welcome you.

Some of the characters are real people, some of them are more directly inspired by real people, and some are just, y’know, local characters. Most, if not all, of the places featured in the comic are real; the events are fictional as far as you know.

The comic runs in seasons, kind of like a TV show except without all the moving parts. The seasons start and stop when I say they do, but they should be more or less in line with the actual weather seasons we’re having outdoors at the same time.

The comic is rated PG-13-ish, for occasional light swearing and very occasional (but very gleeful) dick jokes. You’re not going to see any blood and gore or all-out nudity in this comic, and while most of it is for all ages, the occasional strip may come along that isn’t quite appropriate for younger kids.


About the author

Elaine Tamblyn-Watts is a filthy, filthy Carleton University journalism dropout who likes to draw and yell about things. She regrets starting this paragraph in the third person, but she knows it’s already too late. Born and raised in Carleton Place, Ottawa’s sad armpit, she originally planned to move to New York City, but got about 45 kilometres from home and decided that actually this was fine. These days she lives in Westboro, with one handsome gay man, several beautiful houseplants (orientations unknown), and the debilitating effects of fibromyalgia.



Wait, is that supposed to be me?

If I didn’t tell you that you were going to be in my comic–and you’re not a public figure–then no, it’s not you! Some traits of a character might be partially inspired by you, though–or maybe you’re just really self-absorbed. Who’s to say?

Are you going to put me in your comic?

You’d better hope not, pal. (But in all sincerity, no, especially if you don’t want me to!)

Wait, what’s “Fourth-Wall Apartments”? Is that part of the regular comic?

Yes, sort of! FWA is whenever I need to break the fourth wall (i.e. the wall between the fictional comic universe and reality) and address you, the readers, in comic form, or just make a silly comic about life with me and my roommate that has nothing to do with anything else. These strips are outside of the plot continuity of Government Town, but they teeeechnically exist in the same universe. Which is Ottawa. The Ottawa Cinematic Universe.

“FWA” sounds like “Flexible Work Arrangement”.

It sure does, buddy. It sure does.

Wait, so do you work for the government?

Not so far, and I can’t imagine this whole thing is gonna help my chances, but you never know, eh?

Wait, so do you work for The Charlatan?

No, but I did! I was the staff copy editor for the 2016-17 year, and it was a total blast and I miss it all the time. The Charlatan does not in any way endorse my content, but I do hope they like it.

Is it okay if I share your comics?

Yes! In fact, please do! Just please don’t modify them or try to make money on them, and do link back to me wherever possible. If you’re doing anything more elaborate than, like, social media sharing or printing them out to put on your cubicle wall, shoot me an email at elaine@governmenttown.ca and we can talk about it.