Government Town

Season One – Fall 2018 | Updates every Tuesday and Thursday!

You can navigate through the comics by pressing the little arrow buttons underneath each strip! The “<<” takes you to the very first one, the “>>” takes you to the latest one, and the question mark takes you to a random comic.

  1. Morning Briefing
  2. The War
  3. The First Two Strikes
  4. Mayo For Now
  5. Transit Time
  6. Civic Engagement
  7. Deadlines
  8. Ethics and Professionalism
  9. J-Fraud
  10. Operation Publication Confrontation
  11. Open Discussion
  12. The Ol’ Shawarma Surrender
  13. Ali v.s. Angie
  14. Enter Rana, Late
  15. Academia Shameem-ia
  16. Bachelor of Shawarma
  17. Dun-Dun-Dun-DUNNN
  18. New In Town
  19. Without A Cause (Yet)
  20. Rallying Cry

Filler comics: 2018

Fourth-Wall Apartments | Updates completely at random!

What’s Fourth-Wall Apartments? It’s the extra-dumb comics I make whenever I need to address you, the audience, directly, or sometimes make jokes about me and my roommate and our lives…in our apartment…by breaking the fourth wall. Do you see how I…it’s like…it’s a joke.

Fourth-Wall Apartments #1: Filler!

Fourth-Wall Apartments #2: Snake!

Fourth-Wall Apartments #3: R.I.P.

Fourth-Wall Apartments #4: Booo, Work