Are you a victim of derisive scoffing in the workplace? CALL NOW to join the fight for pssshhh-free work environments for all!

Anyway. Thanks for your patience, guys! I hope the continuing bickering adventures of Rana, Ali and Shameem were worth the wait. And with this strip, we’re officially past the halfway mark for Season One! Got a lot of stuff to cram into the next 14 comics, so get ready for that.

Also, I am absolutely sure that Shameem is not alone in his desire to wax academic on all things Lebanese food, so if anyone feels compelled to send me additional shawarma-themed thesis titles on twitter, I would definitely be amused by that.

ALSO ALSO, in the grand tradition of webcomics everywhere, I’ve added a little blogroll of comics I like just below here. A few big names just in case you’re a straggler who somehow got to 2018 without ever reading xkcd (how?!) et al, and some you might not know! Check ’em out. Read comics all day. Feel the warm embrace of comics against your eyeballs. Roll up a comic and use it to snort more comics. Comics are good.