Get a load of that restaurant background!

While I’ve never worked at a shawarma place, I did spend three excellent years in high school working at a wonderful little restaurant out in Carleton Place called The Good Food Company, upon which that little view into the back kitchen is based. (I mean, that’s pretty much what the back kitchen of most restaurants looks like, but that specific view is pretty much the one I used to have from the front kitchen–dishpit, side of fridge, work table, shelf of spices, edge of window.)

Art-wise this isn’t the glamourous introduction I wanted for Rana, and as you can probably tell I haven’t gotten to practice drawing hijabs nearly as much as I wanted to before having her appear, but I’m KEEPIN’ ON SCHEDULE and I’m strugglin’ health-wise at home so this is the best I can do for now. I promise it’ll get better! I will learn to draw fabric folds!