What’s this?! It’s a BONUS COMIC on a Monday morning, in honour of municipal election day here in Ottawa (and, like, most towns in Ontario, if I’m not mistaken)!

For the record, I think that social media presents a lot of freedom-of-speech challenges and work/life balance issues that we’ve never faced before as a democracy, and that this is a pretty complicated issue. Lord knows I’d be lost without the “block” button, but then, I’m not in elected office. That said, I find the concept of the Petty Twitter Mayor too funny to ignore, which is why I made this.

There should still be a regular comic on Tuesday barring extenuating hand pain circumstances, but for now, GET OUT AND VOTE, folks! And if you’re under 18, nag every adult in a hundred-metre radius to get out and vote! Click here for all the info you need.

P.S. please tweet me @govttowncomic or @ourladyofcoffee if you spy my CanRock easter egg!